Expanded Income Eligibility for ‘RefiNow’ and ‘Refi Possible’ Programs

by CU Members
Remember those special refinance programs introduced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this past summer to help two million eligible low and moderate-income homeowners decrease their monthly payments?

Leverage Low and Middle-Income Borrower Homeownership Programs
by CU Members
With a new year on the horizon, is your credit union utilizing federally backed homeownership programs to their fullest extent?
Hispanic Homeownership in 2022: A Growing, Younger, Vibrant Market
by CU Members
What’s brewing in the Hispanic homeownership market for 2022? A handful of recent studies published in October 2021 provide a beneficial overview of this expanding buyer and seller segment.
Homebuying Migration to Suburbs & Exurbs is an Opportunity for CUs
by CU Members
There’s a lot of homebuying and selling taking place in the U.S. suburbs and exurbs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the situation. Why is this trend great for your credit union’s mortgage business?
4 Household Appliances You Should Be Cleaning Regularly
by CU Members
While cleaning your household appliances may not be the first task you put on your chores list, it’s just as important as vacuuming and mopping your home. The next time you clean your home, extend your efforts to the following appliances.
How to Tackle Clutter In Your Home
by CU Members
If your home resembles an untidy mess rather than the peaceful sanctuary you long for, now is the time to get serious about decluttering. Weeding through your possessions can be a challenge, but with a systematic approach you’ll be able to tame the clutter and reclaim an organized home.
The Cost of Moving vs. Home Improvement
by CU Members
Weighing your options between upgrading and moving out altogether? Is packing up and moving the most cost-effective way to put down roots? Or would you be better off trying to make your home improvement project a reality?
What to Know About VA Loans
by CU Members
If you’re an active member of the United States military or a veteran, a VA loan can both simplify the process and reward you for your service.

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