Why FHA is still a Viable Product

by CU Members
Even though conventional mortgage products are more flexible than ever, FHA home loans still offer a competitive edge that can't be beat. 

‘Point of Sale’ Digitization: A Powerful Solution for Your Mortgage LOS
by CU Members
More innovative borrower experiences, end-to-end member communication, automated origination tools, and faster loans are simplifying the mortgage experience. Yet today, some credit unions aren’t utilizing point-of-sale (POS) functionality within their loan origination systems (LOS) to ensure borrowers complete all necessary steps.
Six Shifting Trends that Mortgage Pros are Watching Right Now
by CU Members
The future of interest rates, the economy and global politics are all-the-news as summertime gets into gear.
Coaching Practices to Engage Your Frontline Staff
by CU Members
In May, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast with Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discussing coaching practices to engage your frontline staff.
Escrow 101
by CU Members

Before you enter escrow, be sure you can handle the conditions as well as any third-party fees necessary to complete the deal.

Affordable Home Style Upgrades
by CU Members
Whether you recently purchased a new house or you simply want to increase your home’s value, consider taking on some of these affordable upgrades.
Tips for Creating an Indoor Garden
by CU Members
If you’re ready to exercise your green thumb, these tips will help you cultivate a garden inside your home.
Recognizing a Phone Scam
by CU Members
The world of phone scams is constantly changing, but these tips are a great place to start so you avoid losing money.

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