Credit Union Members Find Hope In Purchasing Their First Home

March 2,2017

First-time homebuyer Jamie Demler and Tyler Klawitter found their perfect home. It was the perfect size, the perfect yard, and the perfect potential to build their lives together. They could not wait for their dream to begin.

But the happy couple had hesitation and concern that their not-so-perfect credit would hold them back from what they dreamed of for their future. They were tired of throwing money away on rent month after month, and had held on to some hope that they could find a way to make it happen. And, that is where this first-time home buying experience begins - with hope.

As with most borrowers, Jamie and Tyler started their search for a home before they were pre-qualified for their home loan. It's not the easiest approach to a home purchase, but I admit it is more fun to look at homes then to get pre-qualified. Their search didn't take long, as they instantly fell in love with the first home they viewed and found no others that could compare. Unfortunately, they also found that their not-so-perfect credit was going to make things a bit more challenging than they expected. In fact, their first two attempts for qualification were completely unsuccessful.

With hopes and dreams bigger than their frustration, Jamie and Tyler didn't give up, and when their real estate agent suggested they try to get a FHA loan, they decided it was the next step.

Armed with that advice, they went to their local credit union to see what they could do. Unfortunately, the credit union didn't offer FHA loans, but they did have a solutions provider, they knew could help: CU Members Mortgage.

Their loan officer took them by the hand and led them through the entire process, hurdles and all.  CU Members Mortgage has been in the mortgage lending business for more than 30 years - and there are very few transactions that don't have challenges.  It's our job to ask a lot of questions, as well as to point out potential hurdles up front so the borrower isn't taken off guard.

Surprises aren't so good in the loan process, especially if they could have been prevented. CU Members Mortgage works to prepare the borrower and help them stay calm throughout the process.

Like most first-time home buyers, Jamie and Tyler could hardly contain themselves with a load of questions:

  • How do we get qualified?
  • Will our credit qualify?
  • What if we had past credit challenges?
  • What are closing costs?
  • How much money do we need for a down payment?
  • What will monthly payments be?
  • Can we use a co-signer?
  • How long will the process take?

All of these inquiries are typical. We went through all the answers and made sure Jamie and Tyler were comfortable with the choices they were making. What made this particular FHA loan challenging was that it was a foreclosed home. This meant the loan would be a bit more involved and require more in-depth communication with the owner/bank on the other end, and the borrowers would need to be patient to make this dream possible.

According to Jamie, "There were definitely many hurdles along the way, such as getting approved for our FHA loan, additional documentation requirements, and the fact that the house we wanted was a foreclosure."

Purchasing a home is a challenge. It requires documentation and patience and it can be suspenseful in those final days to get the keys. However challenging though, lending guidelines are there to protect the buyer. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase a house and have everything fall apart in the end. When you work with someone experienced, they will put you at ease throughout the process.

Communication is key during this process - especially in their situation where things were a bit more complicated. So, expect the unexpected, keep communication channels open, and be willing to explain the details several times if necessary.

"The whole experience really exceeded my expectations. We didn't really know what to expect from this whole process - especially getting a FHA loan to buy a foreclosed home through an online auction. Who does that? But with CU Members' help, I tell people that if we can do it, they can do it," explained Jamie.

by CU Members

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