Finding Help Through The Tough Loans

June 8,2017

It was one of those stressful days where you get a new loan in and you know it’s going to challenge you in all sorts of ways. For Maria Reid at Members First Credit Union of Florida, it was definitely one of those days and one of those loans.

“It started with finding out the member was self-employed and then they went into the details of multiple businesses and all I could do is take a deep breath and work through the challenge one step at a time,” explained Maria.

What topped off her anxiety though was knowing this would be her first loan under a new program level with CU Members Mortgage. “We have been with CU Members Mortgage since 2008, but we made changes to our program level and now it included several new responsibilities on our end and I wasn’t sure how that was going to all work yet with this being our first loan,” Maria said.

What was expected to be a challenge and frustration though, was actually a smooth transaction and learning experience. “I had several people on the CU Members team work with me through all the details to make sure I had all the right paperwork, the right information gathered, and was completing all the new steps correctly,” said Maria.  What really saved me, and this loan, was the extra care the underwriter took in holding my hand.  I expected to have a long list of conditions and to be completely frustrated, but I actually communicated with the underwriter and he walked me through things so I knew what to do and how to handle this very complicated loan.  It made a huge difference in my ability to help the member and get the loan through.

When we worked with a previous provider we had an awful time with communication and begged our management to change because of it, explained Maria. “Now with CU Members Mortgage, I know that with each question I have I will have someone to call for help and if they don’t know the answer, they will find out and get back to me quickly. Plus, the scenario desk is a lifesaver.  I can give them any situation that I face with a borrower and someone gets back to me the same day with exactly what to do and expect.  I can respond back to the member with an answer the same day. It’s fantastic!”

“In mortgage lending, you know something is going to constantly change, so having the support and help is so necessary to keep yourself in check in doing things right,” said Maria, “and with CU Members I have the support and help I need.”

CU Members Mortgage has various programs available to credit unions.  Should your credit union need assistance in home loans please contact us at 800-607-3474 and ask for our VP of Sales.

by Alison Barksdale
Director of Marketing, Dallas
Alison is an expert of all things Colonial.

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