Member Satisfaction Drops with Nagging

May 8,2018

Remember those days your mom would nag you to clean your room, pick up your clothes or some other random chore that seemed to impede on a completely uneventful, but important activity at the time? It seemed like she always wanted something. Nag. Nag. Nag.


Today as an adult with my own kids, I find myself easily becoming the nagging parent. Of course, asking your children to do chores is about teaching discipline and molding little minds to have manners and grow into responsible adults. Unfortunately, nagging can also creep into the day-to-day tasks at the workplace. Not for the same reasons though.


For those loan officer and processors, nagging a member for the same documents or data over and over again isn’t about teaching them, as much as it is completing the task that didn’t get done the first time. You aren’t trying to irritate your member, you just want to get to closing on time.


In fact, a recent study by MortgageSat reveals a member’s satisfaction level takes a dive when they are asked for documents multiple times from 96% to 79%. That’s a pretty big drop. It could easily turn their friend and family referrals into trash talk.



So, how do you make sure that you aren’t nagging your member during a loan transaction? Start by setting your member’s expectations. Let them know what documents are needed from the beginning. Explain that as the time frame changes or documents “expire”, they may be required to provide updated versions to underwriting to keep things on track. Help them understand that the best way to meet closing dates is to respond quickly to any requests and if you can provide the member a checklist, they work wonders for member satisfaction.


Remember what your mom told you, at the end of the day treat your member as you want to be treated. Keep the nagging to a minimum with great communication and education along the way to set proper expectations and you’ll keep your member satisfaction scores growing.


by Alison Barksdale
Director of Marketing, Dallas
Alison is an expert of all things Colonial.

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