Mortgage Lending Best Practice - Highlighting Your Loan Officer

January 4,2021


Even before the pandemic hit, it was likely your mortgage loan officer was representing your credit union from afar. They work with members over the phone and even walk them through an online mortgage application in great detail, but most loan officers may never get face-to-face with a member despite the complicated and sometimes long mortgage process.


Credit unions with the highest member experience marks are participating in one secret best practice that is easily established online and in one simple step – online loan officer profiles. If you haven’t considered this best practice, it’s a necessity to connect with members.


By seeing a face with a name and knowing some very basic details about the loan officer, your member begins to connect with them and in-turn, trust begins to be developed. This is important as the trust found with your loan officers is also found with your credit union and shapes an overall perspective of who your credit union is and how you do business.


An online loan officer profile should include these necessary connectors:

  1. Loan officer name, NMLS and contact information. Make sure all the contact information is correct and your loan officer’s NMLS is included. Don’t forget a link to your online mortgage application here.
  2. Loan officer photo. You may use a headshot or even a more personal photo of the loan officer if they feel comfortable with it. The objective is to offer a warm and inviting, friendly photo that a member can connect with. Nix the photo of the LO at the pool or one that includes others. Focus on professional and friendly.
  3. Biography about your loan officer. This should include any details about their experience in the mortgage industry and years of service at the credit union level, educational background and any certifications they might have. Plus, don’t forget any specific expertise that your loan officer offers. Finally, you’ll want to include any information the loan officer feels comfortable sharing that is personal such as hobbies, where they are from, what areas they serve, their family, pets and/or any other information that might add some details about the loan officer’s personality. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out article. A few simple paragraphs will be about all your readers need.

While face-to-face interaction isn’t always possible, and in most cases not necessary to complete a mortgage application, it does add some personalization to the experience for your members. You can add this automatically to the member’s experience by having a personal page on your website about your loan officers. It’s a simple step that adds depth and personality to your team and builds trust with members that ultimately leads to a better member experience.

by CU Members

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