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January 16,2021

Your social media platforms aren’t just a place to promote your products to members, they are a place to educate. Blog sources are a building block of content for you to use to teach about many different topics – including home lending, owning and buying a home. 

Your credit union may have their own blog where you are writing content about various different topics to do with your credit union. It’s a great way to build content with key search terms, but you also have a chance to grow your audience as you become a thought leader. Mortgage lending should be a part of your blog posting to position yourself as an expert in the marketplace. You’ll want this content to be used across your social platforms.

However, there are times when sharing content from other blogs is not only necessary but essential to growing your followers, likes and shares. In doing this, you’ll want some thought-out strategy on who you share content from because you don’t want to point a member to another financial institution. That being said, here are some of our favorite blogs for your loan officers, credit union and mortgage professionals to share across social platforms.

  1. We start with a well-known mortgage blog provided by credit union mortgage provider CU Members Mortgage. This blog is made up of content for your credit union to learn more about mortgages and a special section on all things to do with buying, selling and owning a home in the member section. Thoughtful and thorough content is shared with members and it’s always going to position the member to reach out to your credit union with any financing needs. This is a blog that will have a little bit of everything and hundreds of articles are available to use on social.
  2. is a blog written and created by realtors. They share their input on buying and selling homes, improve your home and even adding to the value of your home and other money saving tips. This is a pretty timely blog and offers a lot of great helpful tips, but not all of their content will include pieces of information that will go hand-in-hand with your credit union practices. You’ll want to be careful on what you choose to share and what are the best tips to pass along to members.
  3. Decorating blogs. There are thousands of blogs on decorating your home and the content tends to be light-hearted and upbeat content to share. These types of blogs make it easy to add some interest about home ownership to both potential buyers and current owners alike. Remember that these will keep interest regardless of whether members are buying or selling a home right this moment. Always include these types of fun blog posts in your social content. A couple of our favorites: The Inspired Room and Young House Love.
  4. Check out the CFPB blog. It’s nothing fancy and lacks the visual aspect that you receive of a typical blog. However, the blog offers content that you know doesn’t sway a member to some other lender and it will always be accurate. This blog has a lot of content that is applicable to more than just the consumer, so make sure what you are posting is applicable to your audience and relevant. The gems you find in this blog are well worth the search.
  5. Better Homes & Gardens is a great place to find articles about and for the home. It’s mostly home improvement ideas, gardening and decorating ideas and has a large following. It doesn’t require a subscription for most articles, but adds a nice element of homeownership conversation for members.
  6. HGTV is a growing outlet online and on TV and it certainly won’t hurt to share some of their conversation with members about all things to do with owning a home. From popular TV personas to helpful tips broken down in an easy-to-read format, this site has a little bit of everything your member is looking for in owning a home.
  7. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae offer blogs for home buyers, owners and sellers. They are pretty comprehensive financing blogs with a complete look at all things related to a home. They offer a pretty objective look at things too and that adds a nice perspective.
  8. Financing blogs from online mortgage application e-courses are fabulous education tools. They offer clear and concise content and their entire focus is to educate a member as they finance a home. They are typically associated with online education platforms and that will be helpful for members too if they apply to a loan program that requires education hours. Here are a few of these great resources to post on social: Framework, Clearpoint, HomeTrek.
  9. Housing and Urban Development or HUD offers some great content about buying a home too. If you offer FHA loans this is a great source of content on that particular product. It has other generic information about home buying, but it’s heavy on FHA loans so you want to make sure you offer those loans if you are steering members here.
  10. VAntage Point is the blog for Veterans and their benefits, but that also includes home loans. A quick search provides ample articles on VA home loans and you know that these sources of information are accurate and include the latest updates because it’s populated by the VA. Again, you want to make sure you are offering this home loan product before you share about it, but it’s definitely a product you want to promote if you offer it.

From these blog sources, you’ll want to share content across your social media platforms to inform members. You’ll also want to include promotional content about your mortgage program, but diversity is the best combination to amplify your voice to be the most impactful and position yourself as a thought leader.

by CU Members

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