CU Members Serves Credit Unions for 40 Years

In 2022, CU Members Mortgage reaches an important milestone, celebrating 40 years of helping credit unions serve members across the nation.

Four decades is a long time to serve homebuyers and the world has changed quite a bit over the years. Take a look at the cost of living back in the 1980s:
Movie Ticket $3.55
McDonalds Big Mac Meal $2.95
Gallon of  Gasoline $1.31
Gallon of Milk $1.09
Average New Home Price $96,200
Average Home Size 1,785
Average Interest Rate in 1982 16.04%
Rates, terms, programs and the prices of homes have certainly changed and the process has too, but our focus to create mortgage solutions that would not only make homeownership dreams come true, but also keep members in the homes they love, has remained the same.

Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of serving more than one hundred thousand members. We’ve shaped our services to be flexible to each individual’s story and be a strong foundation for sustainable homeownership.

Along with these, we’ve evolved with a changing market. Technology solutions would make home loans available anywhere at any time making it easier to apply and close. Loan programs would grow to best serve members needs and while the changes never seem to stop, our foundation was always firm so we could provide the very best.

None of this could have been possible without our amazing credit unions and members throughout the years, who have truly made it a pleasure to serve. As we celebrate this year and our 40th year in serving members, we want to extend a special thank you for allowing us to be part of making your homeownership dreams a reality!
by CU Members

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