Keep Pests Out of Your Home with These 4 Tips

February 3,2022
Pests are seldom welcome, but how do you keep spiders, insects and other creepy crawlers out of your house? The following tips will help you shut the door on unwelcomed pests.

Deter with eco-friendly options
Mother Nature has a lot to offer in terms of keeping pests out of your home. And natural deterrents won’t make you and your family vacate your home while you wait for a chemical application to take effect. According to Nature’s Nurture writer Jennifer Landis, spiders, mosquitos and ants will be repelled by the scent left from rubbing citrus peels on insect-prone areas in your home. And just because the crumbs are gone doesn’t mean the ants won’t come back. Make sure to wipe up the ants’ trail with white vinegar, she adds. If you’ve toyed with the idea of planting an indoor herb garden, here’s your incentive to do it — Landis reports that the smell of lemongrass, mint and citronella plants will deter insects. Just plant these herb-tastic fighters near your doors.

Apply elbow grease
A home that’s cluttered with stuff will provide ample spaces for insects to set up residence. Furniture and surfaces covered in crumbs and dust act as welcome signs to bugs and pests. In order to keep pests outside, you need to be diligent about cleaning inside your home. According to Landis, it’s one of the top ways to naturally safeguard your home.

Clear the air
The basement of your home is probably where you see the most spiders, making this a space you don’t want to spend much time in. According to Family Handyman writer Jenny Stanley, your fight against these basement-dwellers will be bolstered by a humidifier and an eagle-eye for cobwebs. She advises that basement air should boast a 40-percent humidity level and cobwebs should be cleared out regularly. Don’t forget to clean the sills of your basement windows, too. Spiders love to spin their webs there.

Fortify your perimeter
Sometimes to protect your home’s interior, you need to pay attention to the exterior. Make it difficult for pests to find a path into your home by ensuring your home’s windows and screens are free from holes, gaps or cracks, advises The Spruce writer Lisa Jo Lupo. Once you’re done inspecting windows, do a thorough once-over of your entire house, she adds. Loose siding, missing shingles and cracks in your home’s foundation provide pests with an easy ticket into your home. Just like a clutter-free interior goes a long way in keeping pests at bay, so does a clutter-free exterior. Your yard and garage should be free from standing water, weeds and litter, notes Lupo. Your trash cans should always be secured with a lid that fits right. Whether you keep your recyclable materials inside your home, in your garage or outside your house, she recommends that you clean out those items before tossing them into the bin. And just like with your garbage cans, regularly cleaning your recycling bin will help keep pests away.

With these tips, you’ll be the proud and relaxed inhabitant of a pest-free home.
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