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October 26,2017

After working as an architectural engineer for more than 20 years, Joe Finley knew quite a bit about homes. He’s drafted hundreds of them and he was now looking to own one himself. As he prepared to get married, he and his fiancé Marisa felt even stronger about taking the step into homeownership merging their families as one.  He was aware of the options he had through his employer, but he had his car loan through their credit union and had frequently seen the offer of home loans on their website.  He was eager to see how they would work with him.


Joe felt very strongly about the mission of the credit union in looking for the best interest of their members and he knew they would be competitive. He contacted them and was connected with Loan Officer Nelson Leonor.  “Nelson was warm and friendly and was very direct with me.  He didn’t tell me all the things I couldn’t do, but gave me information on what we could do and the ways I could get the very best deal for my family’s future,” said Joe.  “When it’s something so important, you want someone you can trust and count on and Nelson gave me that feeling from the very beginning.”


Joe would spend a few months talking with Nelson about what it would take to purchase a home and get the rate he wanted. Nelson made several suggestions like Fannie Mae’s educational session and various other research for Joe and Marisa to be ready to buy.   He explained how applying for a mortgage before they started shopping would allow them to work through the details of application to be ready for when they did find the perfect house.  It was all about timing.


It didn’t take long though. With Joe’s background he knew what would be perfect for their family and they quickly jumped on the second home they saw.  “We put together a strong offer, but they had several other offers too,” explained Joe.  “Nelson was able to get us our pre-qualification letter quickly based on this home and because of that, they accepted our offer.”


Once the offer was accepted, Nelson and his processing team worked with Joe and Marisa through to closing. “We knew ahead of time that this was going to be stressful, but information is everything and because we worked with Nelson ahead of time, it was quick and easy,” said Joe.


“Nelson gave me the tools I needed ahead of time to be prepared, I did lots of research and asked lots of questions,” Joe said. “In the end, it was about working with someone honest that I could trust.  I knew the credit union would be there for us and Nelson made it possible.”

by CU Members

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