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Which loan is right for you FHA vs Conventional?
by Rudy Huling
Their are a wide range of loan programs avaialble offering different terms and conditions to help provide the best mortgage options for members. FHA loans and Conventional loans are key products to be considered when financing a home. Consider these differences to learn what loan is best for your financial goals. 
A Five-Step 'Millennials' Guide to Financing Your First Mortgage
by CU Members
These five steps lay the groundwork for your plan to financing your home.
FHA Loans 101
by CU Members
FHA loans are a great choice if you have a less-than-stellar credit score and you desire a low down payment at the time of closing.
What Higher Conforming Mortgage Loan Limits Means to Buyers
by CU Members
It's great news to hear that conforming mortgage limits have increased so home buyers can consider financing a home with a higher loan limit.
Why Your CU Must Offer FHA Home Loans
by CU Members
FHA home loans could be the lift your mortgage pipeline needs to reach your production goals this year.
Low Down Payment Loan Basics
by Alison Barksdale
Understanding Your Mortgage Options
by CU Members
Finding the right home loan product is just as important as choosing the right home.
How to Debunk the Down Payment Myth
by CU Members
Most Americans believe that more than 15% is necessary for a down payment to buy a home, but product options make this just a myth.
What's Keeping Renters From Buying and How to Help Them Overcome
by CU Members
Recent studies show renters don't think they have enough money saved to buy a home. Borrowers can overcome this barrier with further education on loan products.

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