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Coaching Practices to Engage Your Frontline Staff
by CU Members
In May, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast with Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discussing coaching practices to engage your frontline staff.
Spring 2022 Housing Market Trends and Secrets to Growth
by CU Members
In April, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast featuring Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod discussing 2022 housing market trends and secrets to growth.
CU Members Serves Credit Unions for 40 Years
by CU Members
In 2022, CU Members Mortgage reaches an important milestone, celebrating 40 years of helping credit unions serve members across the nation.
Alternative Referral Sources and Member Loyalty
by CU Members

In our continuing series of Mortgage Monthly, broadcast live on CUbroadcast, we feature Executive Sales Consultant Rochelle Pemble discussing alternative referral sources and member loyalty.

Does Your CU Get It?
by Alison Barksdale
Member education is a vital part of the credit union movement. If you aren't meeting that basic member need, you won't survive.
Will Mortgage Marketing Sell Out to the Dogs?
by Alison Barksdale
If you are looking to capture the hearts of Millennials and encourage first-time homebuyers to purchase a home, your marketing needs to let the dogs out.
Make Messages Personal
by CU Members
Recent studies reveal credit union members want personal messages targeted to their financial needs and goals.
The How and Why in Choosing a Mortgage Solutions Provider
by CU Members
Maximize your credit union's mortgage department by choosing the right mortgage solutions provider.
5 Tips for Smooth and On-Time Closings
by CU Members
Preparation and communication are key to helping members have a positive home-buying experience. Here are five tips to facilitate a smoother process.

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