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Time to Up Your Home Equity Lending Strategy
by CU Members
While no industry experts are predicting home equity lending will return to its stunning record-high activity from 15 years ago, there could still be a huge opportunity brewing from 2021 to 2022 and beyond.
Mortgage Communication Best Practices: One Survey Won't Cut It
by CU Members
Choose specific times in the loan cycle you want to ask members about - and make sure you do so succinctly and directly.
Mortgage Communication Best Practices: 4 Key Contact Points
by CU Members
Each time a loan officer or team speaks with a member is a perfect opportunity to build trust and grow the credit union relationship.
A Recipe for Success - Blending the Best Ingredients for Social Media Success
by Alison Barksdale
Use a blend of social media platforms to ensure you are using the right tool for the right audience and the right message to reach all of the demographics on your membership list.
How Multi-Dimensional Connectivity in Mortgage Lending Can Benefit Your Credit Union
by CU Members
That MI Guy joins up with CU Members Mortgage for this inside look at how connectivity will be the key to the future in lending.
New Affordable Lending Options Making Home Ownership Happen in 2020
by CU Members
CU Members SVP Steve Hewins shares with CU Broadcast at the CUNA GAC what is ahead in affordable lending options for 2020.
Affordable Housing Options Result of Changing Marketplace
by CU Members
More affordable housing options will be available as a result of the changing mortgage marketplace and growing home prices.
RoadShow Highlight: Can't We All Just Get Along
by CU Members
Understanding behavioral styles can help you connect with your clients, coworkers and even your friends and family.
The Importance of Professional Development
by Alison Barksdale
Professional development is a must to continue advancement within the industry. The best results come from physically attending events that give you actionable steps.

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