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Mortgage Communication Best Practices: One Survey Won't Cut It
by CU Members
Choose specific times in the loan cycle you want to ask members about - and make sure you do so succinctly and directly.
The Secret To Exceeding Expectations In Mortgage Lending? Listening
by CU Members
Take your home borrowing experience to the next level by paying attention to members’ true needs—and then serving them.
Purchase Mortgages Are Gaining Steam
by CU Members
Credit unions can look forward to getting back into the purchase-mortgage game.
How CU Borrowers Can Make Their Best Offer on a Home
by CU Members
Credit union loan officers know that this summer’s housing market for purchase mortgages will be like no other: insatiable demand from buyers, low inventory in many neighborhoods, and low mortgage rates.
Mortgage Communication Best Practices: 4 Key Contact Points
by CU Members
Each time a loan officer or team speaks with a member is a perfect opportunity to build trust and grow the credit union relationship.
A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Mortgages
by Alison Barksdale
The secret to marketing home loans is to frequently use various platforms for a wide-spread message that will amplify your voice and keep your services prevalent.
Top 10 Blogs for Mortgage Lending Social Content
by CU Members
Share content across your social media platforms to inform members using these great blog sources.
Mortgage Lending Best Practice - Highlighting Your Loan Officer
by CU Members
A Loan Officer webpage is a simple step that builds trust with members that ultimately leads to a better member experience.
How Multi-Dimensional Connectivity in Mortgage Lending Can Benefit Your Credit Union
by CU Members
That MI Guy joins up with CU Members Mortgage for this inside look at how connectivity will be the key to the future in lending.

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