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How to Capture More Mortgage Business in a Challenging Market
by CU Members
Higher interest rates and low inventory have kept many would be homebuyers at bay this year. Lenders are putting up a good fight to capture every loan they can in this competitive market. LO Manager Todd Cholevik shares his technique in how to engage with members in a way that closes more deals. 
Spring 2022 Housing Market Trends and Secrets to Growth
by CU Members
In April, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast featuring Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod discussing 2022 housing market trends and secrets to growth.
2022 Webinar Series – How to Grow Your Purchase Business in a Slowing Housing Market
by CU Members
CU Members Mortgage is hosting a FREE webinar on February 17, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (CT) entitled “How to Grow Your Purchase Business in a Slowing Housing Market.”
Homebuying Migration to Suburbs & Exurbs is an Opportunity for CUs
by CU Members
There’s a lot of homebuying and selling taking place in the U.S. suburbs and exurbs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the situation. Why is this trend great for your credit union’s mortgage business?
Time to Up Your Home Equity Lending Strategy
by CU Members
While no industry experts are predicting home equity lending will return to its stunning record-high activity from 15 years ago, there could still be a huge opportunity brewing from 2021 to 2022 and beyond.
Mortgage Communication Best Practices: One Survey Won't Cut It
by CU Members
Choose specific times in the loan cycle you want to ask members about - and make sure you do so succinctly and directly.
How to Become a First-Time Homebuyer's Preferred Lender
by CU Members
With an influx of first-time homebuyers, there's a great purpose to focus on and serve first-time homebuyers well and as you do, you are building a reputation as a preferred lender.

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