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Coaching Practices to Engage Your Frontline Staff
by CU Members
In May, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast with Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discussing coaching practices to engage your frontline staff.
Spring 2022 Housing Market Trends and Secrets to Growth
by CU Members
In April, we continued our video interview series of Mortgage Monthly on CUbroadcast featuring Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod discussing 2022 housing market trends and secrets to growth.
Celebrating 40 Years Serving Credit Unions
by CU Members
In 2022, CU Members Mortgage reaches an important milestone, celebrating 40 years in serving credit unions across the nation.
March: National Credit Education Month
by CU Members
Celebrate National Credit Month in March 2022! While credit is a huge part of having healthy finances, some of your membership may not know how to establish credit or how to improve it. 
Habits of Highly Effective Loan Officers in 2022
by CU Members
Amid a changing housing market, credit union loan officers need to be effective going into 2022! You can start by infusing the following tools into your personal brand, workflow, and operations as you enhance your relationship with members.
Mortgage Year-End Roundup
by CU Members
CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Joe Polaski provides us a "Mortgage Year-End Roundup" for credit unions.
Leverage Low and Middle-Income Borrower Homeownership Programs
by CU Members
With a new year on the horizon, is your credit union utilizing federally backed homeownership programs to their fullest extent?
Are Refi Stars Aligning Again?
by CU Members
Right when the purchase-mortgage market was poised to start crowding out refinances, the stars may have aligned to pump up refi activity yet again. Credit union mortgage professionals and marketers can act now.
Outside the Box Portfolio Loans
by CU Members
In our continuing monthly video interview series of Mortgage Monthly, broadcast live on CUbroadcast, we feature Executive Sales Consultant Joe Polaski discussing outside the box portfolio lending for credit unions. 

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