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Flipping Furniture for Beginners
by CU Members
With the right planning and the right tools, flipping furniture can be a highly satisfying activity — and one that brings in plenty of extra cash.
Tips for Creating an Indoor Garden
by CU Members
If you’re ready to exercise your green thumb, these tips will help you cultivate a garden inside your home.
Façade material options
by CU Members
Decorate and insulate your dream home with one of these four common façade materials
Have you ever walked past a home or building and marveled at the beauty of its exterior? That exterior is called a facade, and creating it is one of the biggest challenges an architect will face while designing a structure.
Building Your Home’s Curb Appeal
by CU Members
The saying goes that first impressions are everything. Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market or just want to shine for guests visiting from out of town, the curb appeal of your home sets a clear standard of excellence. If you feel like your home could stand to pop a bit more, building curb appeal can be easy, affordable, and well worth the effort.
Tips for Outdoor Entertaining
by CU Members
Springtime — with its warmer temperatures — has a way of bringing family and friends together. Before you send out that event invite on Facebook or text your friends about a big gathering at your place, have a plan ready to turn your humble abode into the perfect place for entertaining.
What Windows Are Right For Your Home
by CU Members
When choosing windows for your home, it’s important to research all of the different types of windows and their associated benefits. Though all windows serve a few common functions, such as letting in light while keeping out rain and wind, they also vary in many ways. For example, some do a better job ventilating your home while others may simply fit a desired aesthetic. Below, you’ll learn about the major types of windows and other important factors to consider when choosing the right window for your home.
Choosing the Right Paint Colors
by CU Members
Picking colors to paint a room can feel like an overwhelming task, and the stakes are high — the choices you make will affect the space you live in day after day. With so many options out there, what’s the best way to make the right decision? Here are some tips to make that process a little easier.
How to Tackle Clutter In Your Home
by CU Members
If your home resembles an untidy mess rather than the peaceful sanctuary you long for, now is the time to get serious about decluttering. Weeding through your possessions can be a challenge, but with a systematic approach you’ll be able to tame the clutter and reclaim an organized home.
How to Upgrade Your Work From Home Needs
by CU Members
Welcome to fall of 2021, an age where home and work collide for many employees as they navigate their company’s new hybrid-remote policy.

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