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2021 Webinar Series - How to Communicate with Impact
by CU Members
Guest speaker Blaine Rada with Arch MI will help attendees to discover surprising and common sense ways to ensure your communication is both efficient and effective. 
March is National Credit Education Month
by CU Members
National credit education month provides an opportunity to grow your member relationship and help them determine and achieve their financial goals.
Engaging With Members Using Video
by CU Members
COVID launched us into a new era of video calls that we didn’t expect and because of it, everyone has learned the necessity of using them and the major benefits behind them.
A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Mortgages
by Alison Barksdale
The secret to marketing home loans is to frequently use various platforms for a wide-spread message that will amplify your voice and keep your services prevalent.
Top 10 Blogs for Mortgage Lending Social Content
by CU Members
Share content across your social media platforms to inform members using these great blog sources.
8 Tips for Better Video Calls
by CU Members
To have a better video call, focus on lighting, positioning and sound.
Mortgage Lending Best Practice - Highlighting Your Loan Officer
by CU Members
A Loan Officer webpage is a simple step that builds trust with members that ultimately leads to a better member experience.
Enabling Your Sales Channels: Keeping the Pipeline Full
by CU Members
Capturing mortgage opportunities boils down to three key factors a sales mindset, internal data and education. It's time for credit unions to maximize their opportunities and lead the mortgage market.
Credit Unions Can Sell Their Way Through this Crisis
by Nick Brown
As credit unions face the challenges of our current economic environment, they can be confident in their ability to grow and still meet, or even exceed, revenue targets.

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