Mortgage Monthly

CU Members Mortgage partners with CUbroadcast for the first-ever, video podcast called "Mortgage Monthly" for a quick inside glimpse at credit union mortgage lending. This monthly program will feature CU Members’ experts discussing trends, issues and events revolving around mortgage lending for credit unions. Sit back, relax and watch the latest episode of Mortgage Monthly. We’ll add the latest episodes to this page as they air.


Mortgage Monthly


Mortgage Monthly - August 2022

August Episode: How to Capture More Mortgage Business in a Challenging Market

Higher interest rates and low inventory have kept many would be homebuyers at bay this year. Lenders are putting up a good fight to capture every loan they can in this competitive market. LO Manager Todd Cholevik shares his technique in how to engage with members in a way that closes more deals. Watch to learn his tips so you can build your pipeline too.


Mortgage Monthly - July 2022

July Episode: Why FHA is still a Viable Product to Compete in Mortgage Lending

Even though conventional mortgage products are have more flexible terms than ever, FHA home loans still offer a competitive edge that can’t be beat. Join CU Members’ AVP/Loan Officer Manager Sue Nash to learn what makes FHA still a necessity to compete in the mortgage market and how you can begin offering this program today.


Mortgage Monthly - May 2022

May Episode: Coaching Practices to Engage Your Frontline Staff

In this busy homebuying season, coaching your frontlines staff to cross-sell your mortgage programs can be a game changer. In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discusses all the ways your credit union can leverage from cross-selling and how to capitalize on member retention.


Mortgage Monthly - April 2022

April Episode: Spring 2022 Housing Market Trends and Secrets to Growth

Will rising rates pose a threat to the housing market? In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod discusses housing market trends, bidding wars, changes in buyer behaviors and much more. Plus, she’ll give you a few takeaways to help your credit union better serve members looking to buy homes this year.


Mortgage Monthly - March 2022

March Episode: Disruptions Affecting Credit Union Mortgage Lending 

With today’s high-inflation environment, credit union lending practices and member experience are becoming burdensome. In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Desiree Hessel discusses all the disruptions affecting would-be homebuyers and ways to overcome these disruptions.


February Episode: Alternative Referral Sources and Member Loyalty  

With the homebuying season around the corner, now is the time to heat up your referral business. In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Rochelle Pemble discusses all the ways your credit union can leverage referrals and how to capitalize your member loyalty.

January Episode: How to Prevent Mortgage Fraud by Identifying Red Flags

Fraud in many forms is booming and mortgage lending is right there in the mix. In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Conrad Johnson discusses mortgage fraud and how to identify red flags.


December Episode: Mortgage Year-End Roundup

CU Members Mortgage’s Executive Sales Consultant Joe Polaski provides a “Mortgage Year-End Roundup” for credit unions.


November Episode: Strategic Mortgage Origination

CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discusses mortgage origination and ways to leverage your marketing strategies.


October Episode: Tackling Mortgage Processing – How to Win Big!

CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod tackles mortgage processing and how to apply best practices to keep members winning big with a fantastic home buying experience.


September Episode: Fall Mortgage Update: Where We Are and What’s Ahead

CU Members' Executive Sales Consultant Rick McLaughlin shares a fall mortgage update and the impact on mortgage lending as rates inch upward. Plus, he'll share how to grow your pipeline for 2022 using marketing best practices. This and more in the September edition of Mortgage Monthly.


August Episode: Current Mortgage Trends and Battling the Appraisal Challenge

CU Members’ Vice President Sales Keith Kasmire discusses current mortgage trends and battling today’s appraisal challenge.


July Episode: Outside the Box Portfolio Lending

Listen to this episode of Mortgage Monthly and learn the ins and outs of portfolio lending strategies and why more and more credit unions are looking to add mortgages to their books!



June Episode: Why Your Credit Union Should offer FHA and VA Loans

If you aren’t offering FHA and VA loans to your members, this episode is for you. In this episode, CU Members Executive Sales Consultant Conrad Johnson shares the ins and outs of FHA and VA lending and all the benefits. You won’t want to miss it!



May Episode: Why Should Credit Unions Consider Adding Mortgage Loans to Their Portfolio?

CU Members’ Sr. Executive Sales Consultant John Jackson shares the benefits of portfolio lending in today’s white hot market.



April Episode: Everything You Need to Know About Mortgage Servicing

CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick shares and in-depth conversation on Mortgage Servicing.




March Episode: From Refis to Purchase Money Mortgages, Where Are We Now?

CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Rick McLaughlin discusses the mortgage pendulum swinging hard toward purchase money mortgages from last year’s refinance boom.



February Episode: What the New URLA Means to Credit Unions and Members on March 1

CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod discusses the new Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) and what it means for credit unions come March 1, 2021.



January Episode: Mortgage Lending in 2020 and what's ahead for 2021

CU Members' SVP Steve Hewins shares a recap on mortgage lending in 2020 during the pandemic and how it all will impact the home buying business in 2021. Hear about the surprising market performance rock bottom rates, off-the-charts refinances, home valuations, lessons learned and what’s ahead.

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