Increase in Mortgage Fraud and How to Prevent Fraud by Identifying Red Flags

by CU Members

In our continuing monthly video interview series of Mortgage Monthly, broadcast live on CUbroadcast, we feature Executive Sales Consultant Conrad Johnson discussing mortgage fraud.

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Mortgage Year-End Roundup
by CU Members
CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Joe Polaski provides us a "Mortgage Year-End Roundup" for credit unions.
Strategic Mortgage Origination
by CU Members
CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Carrie Fenwick discusses mortgage origination and ways to leverage you marketing strategies for a winning impact.
Tackling Mortgage Processing – How to Win Big!
by CU Members
CU Members’ Executive Sales Consultant Yvette Harrod tackles mortgage processing and how to apply best practices to keep members winning big with a fantastic home buying experience.
How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment
by CU Members
Every year, homeowners get a property tax bill based on the perceived value of their home. However, sometimes the assessors that estimate what a home and its property are worth miss things or misinterpret data to come up with how much a house would sell on the market. If you think that you’re paying way too much in property taxes, and it’s because of how it was evaluated, there are some key ways to appeal for lower taxes.
Moving Tips to Make Relocating Less Stressful
by CU Members
Whether you’re just heading to a new home across town or traveling clear across the country, moving can be a stressful experience. From packing to scheduling to organizing and making tons of phone calls, it can be absolutely exhausting. Knowing where to start and how to stay focused with the least amount of stress is vital for a successful move.
Creating a Home Maintenance Schedule
by CU Members
Just like your car or your own body, your house needs regular care to keep its condition in top shape. To help you make this a habit, here’s a helpful summary of the most common maintenance tasks every house requires. Use this guide to make a checklist for your own house’s particular needs.
Pros and Cons of a New Home Estimate
by CU Members
By obtaining a re-estimate of your house, you’ll have a clearer picture of what it is worth not only to you but to the bank or potential buyers.
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